I think I know my dream job, now what?

Whichdegree's mission is to assist students with choosing the right college (online or classic), and figuring out how to afford attending. We publish content that students can navigate easily, in order to assess different careers, colleges, and majors. Easy right? :)

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Our Short Story

WhichDegree initially started out of an idea, to interview recently graduated students from university and place those video interviews on youtube.com/whichdegree

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WhichDegree is in a closed alpha stage. Add to our mailing list for details for beta testing.

Career Planning

Figure out what makes you happy, and productive.

Flexible Pathways

Careers change, and so should your plan. We show you alternative routes.

Mobile like you

WhichDegree should be at your finger tips, where ever they roam.

Online Support

Our team is just a click away from answering your college questions.

Build domain knowledge

Careers are so much more than their title, find out where to learn what matters to you.

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We leverage Stripe.com for secure processing of your payment. We never store your credit card number.


Amazing Journey

WhichDegree started out as a youtube channel. www.youtube.com/whichdegree . We are now moving into additional media types, in order to create content that compels students to explore and understand their career/education options.

We provide educational intelligence (similar to business intelligence) by evaluating public & proprietary data with custom developed key performance indicators

  • Aug, '10
    WhichDegree4Me Youtube channel was started.
  • Aug, '11
    @WhichDegree twitter handle was opened.
  • July, '12
    WhichDegree Youtube channel was started, first HD content.

WhichDegree's Team

Led by graduates of the UC, State, and Jr College System. We've seen/heard/done it all.
Founder & CEO
CTO and Domain expert
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Social and Community manager